PARTAGAS Majestuosos Barrel (Cuba)

PARTAGAS Majestuosos – Barrel

PARTAGAS logo wood

Cuban cigar box barrel-shaped. This barrel contained 25 PARTAGAS Majestuosos, also listed as Majesticos outside Spain *.

Rarer presentation than Jars or Tree Trunk, has existed in other brands (Romeo & Juietta, Hoyo de Monterrey, …).

Size Corona *
Circa 1950 * – Still available in 1971
Height : 17,40cm
Diameter : 11,50cm

PARTAGAS Majestuosos barrel - CUBATABACO 1971
PARTAGAS Majestuosos – CUBATABACO 1971

* : Source PARTAGAS EL LIBRO – Amir SAARONY.  Thank you Amir for authorizations

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