Cuban Tronquitos


Cuban Tronquitos

Who has never seen a « TRONQUITOS »? An atypical and interesting post-revolution packaging made in Cuba .

Story from the Min Ron Nee 1

Luxury Cabinets – « Branch of a Tree cabinet »

This might be the most interesting looking packaging found for post-revolution production of Havana Cigars. The Humidor like a tree trunk.

The official name was « Tronco de Arbol » and was available in 25’s and 50’s.*
* Source: « Cubatabaco Luxurious Cabinets, Cubatabaco, 1971.

The «Caney2» shape cabinet with thatched roof made by H.Upmann in the 1940’s/50’s was probably the predecessor of this kind of packaging. The « Branch of a tree cabinets » was probably a simplified version of this cabinet. It was also very probably an invention by Cubatobaco, as so far all specimens seen have a « Hecho en Cuba » logo on the bottom [OCI’s note : Already seen without marking on the bottom]. This logo started to appear in September 1960. This very interesting kind of packaging is believed to have been discontinued circa mid-1970’s.**
** Source : Collectors in Cuba.

Cuban Tronquitos

In a 1972 Cubatabaco official catalogue, the name in Spanish is « Estuche tronco de arbol », in English it is « Branch of a tree cabinet », in French it is « Etuis sous la forme de tronc d’arbre ».

In fact it is not a natural tree trunck drilled hollow. The cabinet is made of lacquered natural tree bark wrapped into a tube form.

After searching all old catalogues available, only two cigars can be found wrapped in this kind of packaging, and they were both probably discontinued in the mid-1970’s :

  • Roméo & Julietta – Arbolados,
  • Sancho Panza – Tronquitos,
Cuban Tronquitos
OCI’s note : Picture from a 1976 catalog

According to cigar specialists in Cuba, besides Romeo y Julieta and Sancho Panza, at lesat three other brands in the post-Revolution era offered cigars packaged in these « Branch of a Tree cabinets », namely Partagas, Ramon Allones and Hoyo de Monterrey. The models names of the cigars are are not known.** [OCI’s note : Note that you will find other models seen in the listing & pictures sections]
** Source : Collectors in Cuba.

List of cuban Tronquitos

In addition to these 2 references there have been other versions under other brands, here is a non-exhaustive listing*.
* : If you have comments or pictures feel free to contact us.

Hoyo de Monterey-/-25
Partagas-/-25 (petit modèle)
Ramon Allones-/-?
Roméo & JuliettaArbolados25
Roméo & Julietta-/-50
Roméo & Julietta-/-25
Sancho PanzaTronquitos25
Sans marque-/-50


If you have comments or pictures feel free to contact us.

1 : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by Min Ron Nee.

2 : The “CANEY” is a typical element in the Tainian villages of Pre-Columbian Cuba. That was the dwelling of one or more family, according to its size. It towered over the native huts because of its remarkable construction. It was circular-shaped, made of sticks together vertically with conical palm-thatched roofs.*
* Source / translated from : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by Min Ron Nee.

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