CUBATABACO Greetings card – 1971

CUBATABACO Greetings card – 1971

Here a CUBATABACO greetings card dating from 1971. There are some beautiful Cuban rings, the #PARTAGAS is missing on the first page.

On the pages 4 and 5 we seem to distinguish a few boxes of cigars like :

  • Box like a Caney* (probably from H.UPMANN)
  • H.UPMANN glass jar
  • HOYO Petit Hoyo
  • H.UPMANN Coronas Major
  • PUNCH Churchills
  • H.UPMANN Gran Coronas

For cigarettes side :

  • KIM
  • 767
  • ISLA


*  : The “CANEY” is a typical element in the Tainian villages of Pre-Columbian Cuba. That was the dwelling of one or more family, according to its size. It towered over the native huts because of its remarkable construction. It was circular-shaped, made of sticks together vertically with conical palm-thatched roofs. (source / translated from : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by Min Ron Nee).

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